About me


I am a seeker who is looking for the seer, a traveler and a gambler, a nomad and a no man. I write and play with words, and enjoy when they play with me. As a storyteller, i like as well to listen to stories, mainly for those which inspire me.

My main subject of research is the ancient India, the India that was here thousand years ago, and now existing in my mind. That is what brought me to live in India from time to time, and often to visit the rest of Asia. It brought me as well to study Asia studies, and focus on the philosophy of Yoga as a master degree. I quit university but keep studying, as i grow up but keep loving. My main subject of inquiry is The Self, that is to say the human Consciousness which hopefully, that is main, will lead me to complete the book i am writing.

I do my best to bequeath that dream is real. Awaiting impatiently for the spiritual step in our evolution, when we all will unit around one religion name Humaneness. I am trying to focus upon the constant change, and live in many worlds as possible, as a practice of living, and as a dream i set for my self to fulfill.

I study Yoga from many teachers along my way, and teach it as well in times. i base in Berlin but live in many places after the Yoga taught me also a nomad can belong somewhere.

I took off myself many layers of identity, just to discover i can put them back whenever i want. More then all I am a Person. A human being that learns the meaning of being human.







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